From Wordpress to Pelican

Posted on gennaio 22, 2018 in Sys • 3 min read

Oh well, it's time to have a personal website, I've got the desire to have one for over a decade now, I really feel the need of a storefront for my new work applications. My idea for this website is quite simple: an about page, some blog posts, a donation …

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A mailserver with Postfix & Dovecot

Posted on gennaio 03, 2018 in Sys • 1 min read

I'm doing a migration from an old-proprietary-stupid mailserver to Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin and Clavam antivirus etc etc. Sometimes internet is full of informations, sometimes internet give me some tips and sometimes - apparentely - no one is having my problems. 

On my wiki notes I wrote a guide - step by step - useful …

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