About Me

(Who I am)

Hi! I'm Matteo Basso, also known as kraba on internet.
I'm a Linux user since 2000 and Unix & Linux Sysadmin since 2006.
My first home computer was a Commodore 64C in 1986. Yes, the same year of Chernobyl disaster.
My favorite Veteran Unix Admin trait is the #9: Rebooting is almost never an option.
I'm in love with old-heavy-immortal-slowly Unix workstations and in my collection I have some Silicon Graphics and Sun...just for fun!
In my new house I want a big sitting room for Cray 1. You are on time to give it as a gift.
I could be a nice programmer but I write only few code.
I'm a record collector since early '90, not a hipster-newbie.
I prefer vinyls & cassette but also CD are good. Streaming only on the road.
I founded, with a friend of mine, a record label. We press vinyls, cassette and CD.
In my new house, near Cray 1's room, I want a silent and safe room where play my vinyls loud! Really loud!
I'm italian and I'm good at cooking.
I'm located in Italy but my girlfriend lives in Scotland...and so I live between Italy and Scotland.
I am stubborn, there is no problems without a solution (indeed I have a degree in Computer Science).
Without Dennis Ritchie and Black Sabbath my life would be different.